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Why invest in the Hair & Beauty Industry?

  • It is a vertical growing business which is highly fragmented and going through an evolution.
  • There is huge growing awareness for hair care and beauty in both men and women in India.
  • As per data from The Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ernst & Young, the beauty market and the wellness industry is pegged at Rs. 4,010 crore with a steady growth rate of 20% – more than twice the annual growth. (CII reports)
  • An increasing number of middle-class sections are turning to beauty care.
  • The potential in terms of numbers, along with the continuous growth of urban population and mass media at our disposal can generate a multi million dollar corporate business.
  • Increasing number of consumers willing to pay a premium fee for beauty care and styling.
  • This has given rise to high end quality beauty care treatments and spas that cater to the demand by a widening section of the population.
  • Hence the need for hair products which offer the versatility and options that are easily available in the West.

A Niche Concept

WIG-O-MANIA is a hair brand that is capable of catering to a very wide segment of the Indian market – from high end individuals to the middle class with an average income. It wants to become a household name for a One-Stop shop for all hair pieces needs for both ladies and gents.

The only challenge is to create an awareness in the market.  With the right partner this can be achieved – the proposal is to market a product that has a clear monopoly in terms of range, styles, and above all quality.

The potential in terms of numbers along with the continuous growth of urban population and mass media at our disposal can generate a multi million dollar corporate.

Our franchisee store offers a unique concept, which will give the opportunity to an individual to start and run its own successful business. Our stores offer exemplary service to its clients – both fashion and necessity wearers. Both, franchisee partners and staffs are trained and supported at every step of the way with ongoing updates of new products and it’s applications.

Why Wig-O-Mania?

  • 1st UK & Western brand of a kind to bring an entire array of products catering to a very wide segment of the market
  • Unique franchising opportunity being introduced for the 1st time in India for a limited period only – No upfront fees to buy the franchisee & no royalty on sales
  • Exclusive store in the assigned region
  • No set background requirements to run our store and become a successful franchisee. Management experience is a definite plus
  • Franchiser support includes from site selection, lease negotiations to design & construction support along with selection of staff, comprehensive training programs for management, technical and marketing staff at various levels
  • 1st preference to all new products introduced
  • Financial assistance subject to T&C and approvals from Financial Institutions can be offered

Income Stream Flow

Retail Sales

Exclusive store in assigned area

Offer a complete range of products servicing Fashion and Necessity wearers

On site professional support – hair stylist at all times

Retail store 7 days – 10 hours a day

Corporate Sales

Catering to corporates / salons within assigned region

Assign an exclusive Sales & Marketing team to market products

Participate in Shows / Exhibitions and Promotion activities

Arrange for delivery service of products and trainings on site

In House service

Catering to retail and corporate sales service

In-store demo and trainings for corporates

Servicing retail clients thereby generating extra income

Home service on offer

OnLine Sales

Option to build own exclusive website to promote online

Promote website to generate traffic and online sales

Promote on web portals

Offer COD services

Do you have what it takes?

  • Can you see yourself as an owner of a business that offers not only a range of exclusive products for fashion but also caters to people who are in desperate need of the products being offered?
  • Do you have the passion to work on an exclusive brand and range of products that have an almost monopoly in the region as of date?
  • Are you a people’s person that has basic entrepreneurial skills, knowledge of the local and cultural climate with a personal network and contacts?
  • Do you want the freedom to push your vision across a wide range of people covering a very wide segment of the population who need the products – as a fashion accessory and necessity wear?
  • Willing to learn and adapt?


Join the Wig-O-Mania family and own a unique, one-of-a-kind retail outlet, under a strong brand umbrella, offering range of products with almost nil competition, and at a low cost of entry than most franchisees. We school you not only our business and range of products, but also our commitment to serve.

Wig-O-Mania is not only looking for investment partners, rather places great importance on building partnerships strengthened by the acumen of both the brand owners and franchisee.

If you’re ready to take the next steps, we’d love to discuss the opportunity with you and make a mutual decision about whether a Wig-O-Mania franchise is the perfect fit for you.

Remember, we are also looking for franchisees who are a perfect fit to help us reach our goals.



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