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Absolutely gorgeous and great quality. Your service was awesome Ayesha ! Highly responsive. Thank you so much Ayesha and team. You always work so passionately to make sure the cus...

Sophia Samuel

26 Dec, 2022


Thank you, Ayesha and John/team! You all have changed my life and brought me back to my youth days. I had so many questions about how this even works. Ayesha was very patient in an...

Jay Ramadoss

25 Dec, 2022


I sincerely thank Wig O mania for restructuring my look at a crucial point (Marriage 😎😎) In my life.. Aysha Who is incharge was very helpful in giving the right kind of advice on...

Nagarjuna Arjun

25 Dec, 2022


Perfect Place for all V Need for Hairs Wig. Good Salemanships. Explained Each n Ever thing Well. Impressive..


24 Dec, 2022


Thank you Ayesha and team for all your help for the past 4 years. You people have changed my life and boosted my confidence as a sky rocket. Thanks much for the excellent service


23 Dec, 2022


Wig O Mania is Chennai's Premier Wig Shop, with top of the line products and very reasonable prices. There's plethora of Wigs to choose from; be it different styles, colors, length...

Pushpa “Blooming Buds”

22 Dec, 2022


My experience was awesome. My mom was taking chemotherapy which makes us financially ill but wig o mania provided some kind of big offers in their price for us and the quality of t...

Harishkumar M

26 Sep, 2022


Absolutely outstanding products and Ayesha understands the customer need and sends the products accordingly

Susmita Sarkar

24 Sep, 2022


It’s the one the best place to purchase wigs in Chennai !! I really love the service and the quality of the products

Hariss Mitha

21 Sep, 2022