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Levantine artist who speaks the hair language

Dani Hiswani

Celebrity Hair Stylist from Dubai


Dani Hiswani is a 30 years old celebrity hairstylist based in Dubai, UAE.

He has been perfecting the techniques of hair-design and styling specialized, haircuts, coloring and all types of hair extensions for over 15 years. Dani’s passion and therefore mission is to educate and share his passion, artistry and dedication in hair-styling while attaining his dream to be in Bollywood & Hollywood.


“When people pay you to do what you love, then you are successful”, he says. And adding to that: “When you have the ability to make someone happy, that is true success.” – Dani Hiswani


Follow him….

Instagram: @danihairstylist1 http://instagram.com/danihairstylist1

Facebook Fan page: Dani Hairstylist https://www.facebook.com/danipage/

Mobile: +9715 55808138

In addition to his successful hair-styling career, he has competed and won various competitions and received special awards:

  • Hairstylist of the year 2012
  • Best live show on stage for 2013
  • Fastest bridle hair-up style on stage 2014
  • Best hairstyle in the Beauty World 2017
  • Best Fashion Look 2017
  • UAE Beauty Champion 2017

To participate in the World Beauty Championship organized by the Beauty Congress Worldwide


Dani list of personal clientele: Amy Child, Abbey Clancy, Danielle Lloyd, Najwa Sultan, Nasra Al Harbi, Sarah Abdulaziz Suzan Najemaldeen, Karishma Kapoor and members of the Beckham family


Dani is the Hairstylist of several celebrity models as well – Miss Asia, Miss Kosovo, Miss Romania, Miss Fashion TV Worldwide, Miss Middle East…


Dani has conducted several Shows, Seminars and Events:

L’Oreal Fashion Forward & L’Oreal Academy Workshop Worked Backstage with Fashion designers and Fashion brands (Emperor, Kristina Fidelskaya, Abed Mahfouz, Mydamour, Kenzo, Cheyam Splash, Iconic…) http://middleeastliving.com/no-more-hair-disasters/

Wig-O-Mania has collaborated with celebrity and award winning hair stylist from Dubai – DANI to introduce his experience and expertise into the hair industry in India.


From time to time we will be offering exclusive and intense workshops for selective categories of professionals who are either connected to the hair industry or beauty industry.




Attendees: Makeup artist & those in the beauty industry who need to extend their hands-on experience on hair to enhance their ability to cater to their clients requirements.


Synopsis: An Intro about hair and its unique characteristics and why it’s importance as the “Crowning Glory” of every lady.


  1. Blow dry and shampoo…- 3 hours AM – 10am to 1pm
    To convert normal hair into curly, wavy and straight texture – 3 hours PM – 2pm to 5pm
    Q & A SESSION – 1 hour PM – 5pm to 6pm
  2. Bridal hair Up – Introduce 4 unique styles – 10am to 1pm
    One style selected by each for hands-on experience – 2pm to 5pm
    Q & A SESSION – 1 hour PM – 5pm to 6pm
  3. Extended Day – Upon request – minimum 10 students
    – To have hands on experience for other 3 styles – 10 to 5pm




Attendees are experienced Hair Stylist


  1. Blow dry and shampoo…THE DANI WAY…..
    Colouring techniques & Cuts – the DANI WAY
    Henceforth to call yourself A HAIR EXPERT by learning how to deal with all kinds of hair situations and client requirements.
  2. Bridal hair up – will introduce 4 unique styles / One style selected by each for hands-on experience
  3. Extended day – To have hands on experience for other 3 styles
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