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Hi this is darshana , a 17 year old girl born with alopocia , started using wig when I was 15 . Have tried many wig shops and wasted a lot of money ..none was worth it. I suffered a lot in handling it .... I tried wigomania for the first time I am loving my self with my new look ..ayesha mam and all the co-workers are a sweety pie's😍 ...she hears all your requiremets so patiently and fulfills it ..They clearly guide in the right path...the guidance I saw here I have not seen in any wig shops... I promise you will never regret for coming to wigomania 😀.... felt myself new with full of confidence only because of visit here if u are in the idea of buying wigs .. THEY ARE THE BEST AND BETTER CHOICE..I mean it from bottom of my heart 😍😍 After 2 years of being client in wigomania i truly feel I am so blessed to meet ayesha mam in my life...mark my words she made my life so easier...the care and humbleness she shower towards her client's is just amazing ... i had literally struggled a lot initially when i was unable to handle the wig...i used to spend more than 45 minutes in front of mirror to make my wig look real...those days was horrible as its not possible to spend 45 minutes in front of mirror each time i got ready ...i used to fear what if my wig falls down when i go out... also the wig was so uncomfortable that it always makes me feel i have worn a wig as it used to itch or give burning sensations .... i will be in the urge to go to home just to remove my wig and sit peacefully ... and i always wanted to get a better one but i didn't know where to go and whom to ask.... then we went to bangalore and got a new wig ....again i was not comfortable and truly felt its not the correct wig for me....I got wigomania through online reviews in google...And i whole heartedly thank god for showing them in my life ....i failed 2 times by choosing a wrong wig shop...and finally i came into good hands...i truly feel so emotional when i type this text...and i didn't know why....they put smiles on sad faces..and thats the best thing one can do to others... ayesha mam will select the correct wig for all her clients, she make us feel comfortable and listen to us completely and give us the correct wig that would suit us!!!! I have cried for nights how am i going to manage my wig each day when i go to college... as i have already quit school just because i was unable to manage my wig in hostel ... but now i get ready in 15 to 20 mins. and the main thing is the wig looks so natural and fits me so good... my college days are going peacefully...I was Surprised to see none can find that easily that i am wearing a wig .Each time i see my wig i remember ayesha mam...she made my life easiest and my worries vanished because of her. Thank you so much for being into my life ❤️❤️❤️❤️ God bless her and all the staffs there If anyone is searching for the gud and convenient wig .. trust ayesha mam ..and I am sure u will get the best 😀🤩

Jan 27, 2023


Thank you Ayesha and team for all your help for the past 4 years. You people have changed my life and boosted my confidence as a sky rocket. Thanks much for the excellent service

Dec 23, 2022

Harishkumar M

My experience was awesome. My mom was taking chemotherapy which makes us financially ill but wig o mania provided some kind of big offers in their price for us and the quality of the products are too good and makes my mom to feel happy. The way they treated us was excellent in which a special mention to a great human being named AYISHA . She taken care of us from the point of entering the shop till getting the wig. If you are in search of wig with excellent quality in good price i recommend you to buy in WIG-O-MANIA Chennai.

Sep 26, 2022

Nayanika Sharma

My experience with Wig - O - Mania was great . Everyone was quite supportive and helping . The entire team was co-operative and polite . People should really visit this store for better experience .

Aug 27, 2022

Sushmitha Raj

Had an amazing experience with wigomania, with quality worth of products and amazing customer friendly service

Jul 26, 2022

Praveena Panneerselvam

I am very much happy with the product , i want to thank wigomania especially Aysha mam because she understood my requirements and she explained everything to me very patiently, thats helped me a lot ...i liked her way of handling customers and giving lots of positive words to encourage them , she maintains her showroom very clean and hygienic, all the team members also so good and my overall experience in Wigomania is good and satisfied... my special thanks to aysha mam 😊 love you mam and thank you for your care and support mam . God bless you all 😊😊🙏🏻

Feb 27, 2022

Anu Arun

I feel really happy with your product instead of being depressed after my hair loss during chemotherapy. I really got the confidence to move around without any inhibition. Thankyou Wigomania and Aysha. Really grateful to you

Nov 24, 2021

Nikhil Nair

I would like to thank Wigomania and especially Aysha, who ensured & provided the best solution for my mom's receding hair fall and being the reason for her newly found confidence. I strongly recommend them as they have the best customer service and guidance in this field. Once again, thank you wigomania 🤩

Nov 20, 2021

Monish Chandru

I have Alopecia since my childhood and none of the treatments could regrow my lost hair.. So after almost 15 years of struggle, I finally landed at the option of buying natural hair wigs and found this place at Chennai.. I immediately contacted them and Aysha mam responded to me over whatsapp and her way of response made me feel so good.. She was really patient in hearing out about my needs and continuously backed me over whatsapp and guided me in explaining about wigs and how to find the perfect fit and shared so many models as per my requirement.. After a few discussions, I visited the store directly and Aysha & her team treated me so well, gave me enough time to pick my perfect fit.. They were so patient and really helped me out. I had no idea on how to select, but they backed me up so well that I found a perfect one for me and bought that.. Even after my purchase, Aysha mam had my back, she is always there to help me out and have a talk.. The level of customer support and satisfaction she provides is really outstanding and I feel so happy to have associated with her.. Anyone who is looking forward for wigs, kindly contact them as they r the best in this field and I have penned down all this out of my own experience.. Thankyou Aysha mam for ur support ❤

Nov 16, 2021

Neena Thomas

In today's world, have come across very few like the Wig-O-Mania team in the sales sector.!! *Enthusiastic. *Happy to listen/help/explain... *Patiently walk us thru every option. ---Most importantly-- * Honesty * Transparency * Practicality & *Customer centric By chance came across this concept of wigs & toppers. After detailed explanation on call, Aysha invited me to the showroom for a trial to understand better. Her well trained team spent a good plenty of time with me., Trying out every option I wished to. Truth be told, the styles & comfort of wigs etc were so tempting. But the best part was how they made me understand, I don't need artificial support for my crown😃 I had initially just got carried away with the products they offer. Great job Aysha & team👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 You not only help add confidence to those who need wigs, ....... But also to those like me, who don't need wigs... Thanks🙏🏼

Mar 07, 2022

Usha Ganesan

This shop is amazing. Very comfortable place for a hair closure or attachment. Mrs. Ayeesha who advised and guided me to have a closure and now I can't be without it. Initially we have to learn the technique which she will help and in few days we can master it and having it becomes a daily routine. Even her assistants are very helpful. Even after the purchase she guides us if we have any doubts both in person or on whatsapp or on a phone call. Thanks to wig o mania

Jan 05, 2022

Divya Mohan

My over all experience with this place is truly content… I would specifically extend my thanks to “Ms.Aysha”, who gave me d confidence to go for a topper rather than a wig… Her patience’s in making me try different toppers and suggestions with a warm smile made me feel way too comfortable… “Ms.Sasikala” an another person who give me d tips to take care of d product, really warm n polite!!! I had started using d topper for d last 5 days… It for sure makes a difference onto my appearance… None were able to identify tat I have kept such a thing… All what ppl told was I look better than before n could c d earlier personality… Felt it was quite pricey, yet worth d cost is all wat I could say!!! Covid time protocols follow up., All d time during my visit, a person who walks up with a tray of bottled water n such tiny tiny things really added up d value… Hospitality, understanding our concerns and suggesting d right product, giving us d space to go for d product, made me happy n content!!! Equally happy with both d product (topper) n the people around

Feb 08, 2022

Sindhu Priju

Came to know about Wigomania from a friend. Received a very friendly call from Wigomania after the enquiry on website. They were so friendly so that I could share my worries with was Aysha who motivated me. I was really impressed by her confidence. She became close to my heart .not in a hurry and always cared about my ideas and thought. Explain each and everything in detail. I took my time to decide and she waited for me about 2 months. still had the same loving and caring attitude. just by online consultation itself I got the one which fits me in right measurement .hats of to team Wigomania. Thank you Aysha and all others over there. 👍

Mar 15, 2021

Monika Sathees

I am so happy about the product mam. As I had widened partition I scared like whether there will be any product, that suits me. But after u showed that 21 inch topper I am very much amazed. It looks exactly the same like my hair.. hair colour.. the way it is... I am so so so happy .cannot be expressed in words.. I highly recommend this shop to all others who are all suffering from any type of hair fall. Finally a big thanks to Aasha mam who was there for me from the beginning.. and the way she took care to select a hair for me is really good.. thanks mam.. thank you a lot . . . WIG-O-MANIA 👍👌🤝

Mar 20, 2021

Dhakshina Moorthy

This is a long pending review, i have been wanting to write for a long time. i have androgenetic alopecia from PCOS and post delivery my hair loss worsened. I came across wigomania and seeing the reviews i contacted Ayesha. She is one of the sweetest persons, i have come across in my life. I just mentioned during our first meet, that i needed privacy, she remembers and makes sure i get the needed privacy everytime i got to store. She knows a lot, really a lot about hair and really a lot about how i feel. I was trying to explain what i wanted and she correctly identified my need and helped with the right hair piece. You can just blindly go by her words. She understands you.She gives you her time, her advice and even follows up after u get the product. She is a truly a blessing in disguise for people like me. She attends everyone personally. I once tried to wash and accidentally tangled the product, she was so courteous enough to take , detangle and gave me a spare one. She's so down-to-earth and the products they have too are varied. More than the store, its the people and the service they offer make your day. Ayesha is a such a good soul. If it werenot for her, i cant imagine my plight. She is such a cutie pie and i like her to bits, I have already purchased 2 products from her and would love to go back. Thanks and big hugs to you. Thanks very much Nishi. You are such a doll. God bless you Ayesha and all. Thanks.

Dec 23, 2020

Diya Bimal

Very happy and satisfied with wigomania Chennai. Extremely contended with the product Aysha mam introduced me to. Thank you so much for all the genuine support and help and for giving me the best from wigomania..I wish you all the best. And for those who seek help with an alternative to less hair , baldness, bald me WIGOMANIA is the place to be...thank you Aysha maa'm 🙏🙂❤️

Nov 27, 2020

Manish Reddy

Wig o mania . I feel it’s an one stop solution for your all scanty hair or hair loss problems . Ayesha , the catch point of the Wig o Mania , if you have any queries just consult her , she will be always ready to help you out . 5 stars for Ayesha. It’s not about just sales but after sales service is also excellent, this is where I personally recommend you to go for it. There service are on par with other stores , visit this place you will automatically know about it and you will like it .

Sep 17, 2020

Preethi Rajasekaran

Extraordinary Products and Excellent service rendered by Ayesha and her team. My mother is an Alopecia patient and she was very depressed due to her complete hair loss, I urged her to use Wigs, since transplant is not possible for her, she was very afraid of what would others talk about her, mainly people surrounding us. She was also very anxious about the price when she checked for Wigs online. And she was not willing to attend any functions due to her complete hair loss. No one knows how people will talk about you when you have hair fall or hair loss and about a woman having a complete baldness. My mother had the taste of everyone seeing her different and making comments at her. I took a drastic step for her and I googled for many options and at last I found this place Wig- O- Mania, I immediately contacted Ayesha and she was very prompt and she helped me in all times explaining me even small things about Wigs, and to add she treats her customers as her family. I took my mother to Wig- O - Mania, Chennai, she was very reluctant at first, but when I introduced my mother to Ayesha, I knew that it was my best decision in my life, Ayesha took care of her and fitted my mother with her best product, to say frankly, my mother looked 10 years young. She was flabbergasted and My mother was really happy to see herself with complete hair after a long time. She loved the way she looked now and now she is roaming happily around. To add we got three wigs for her. Their products are flawless and hand made, and impressive. It doesn't look like artificial hair wig, it looks very natural as if it's our own hair. Completely harmless And Budget Friendly too. About their services, I'm totally more than happy, Ayesha is very friendly and doesn't push her customers to buy her products and she being a professional in this field, she explains and settles us with the best for us. She gives what you ask for. She is the perfectionist I have ever seen who takes care of every customers. I thank wholeheartedly Ayesha and her team for making my mother smile again, it means a lot to me and my family. You people are the best. Keep reaching heights. And my special thanks to Ayesha who made everything possible by her smile, wishing you a best of all. To precise about Wig - O - Mania ------ "A MIRACLE "

Nov 19, 2019

Preethi Dayanand

I visited Wigomania absolutely clueless of what is in store for me there. I have scanty hair and was looking for solutions that don't require me to take any medications or surgery. I took 4 hours to choose and get convinced that I was in the right place. Ayesha is the one you need to talk to. .. She is extremely knowledgeable, personable and forthcoming with all the information needed. She made me feel comfortable and helped me over come my inhibitions at ease. I left wigomania looking 10 years younger.

Apr 17, 2019

Mul Vij

Went with such a heavy heart that —-- I am losing my— the once before beautiful precious tress! Met Aysha — who had an immediate solution with a crown topper ! — — heaviness lifted slowly and steadily — as she started expaining and wore the piece on my balding crown — Immediate feeling as a newly CROWNED queen ! A jewel indeed — more than an accessory— Very natural human hair — Can’t thank Aysha enough — 5/5– to you (though u gave me only 7/10 for the exam rhat u held for my self - help wearing !)😜 In cliched terms — EXCELLENT SERVICE AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Thank you AYSHA ! ! And also Nishi and Jonah! Thanks to the owner sir (forgot to ask his name )—who thought of this venture in Chennai— Kudos to your effort! Kindly continue ! One small suggestion — Make them a little more affordable — sir ,you know why?— i want to make my closet as a miniature of your shop!😁

Apr 20, 2019

Durga Vijayavarman

Hi I have personally visited here for hair problems and came out with satisfaction. Ayesha has vast knowledge on the solutions and is very friendly. She suggests the best for a person and can be completely trusted for services. I liked the varieties of products and wonderful customer service offered!

Apr 05, 2019

Nikhil Nair

I would like to thank Wigomania and especially Aysha, who ensured & provided the best solution for my mom's receding hairfall and being the reason for her newly found confidence. I strongly recommend them as they have the best customer service and guidance in this field. Once again,thank you wigomania 🤩

Jul 07, 2023

Premila Shanthan

Thank you Aysha and associates for being helpful to solve my hair problem. Your products are really amazing and you know to serve your customers according to their needs. I'm really impressed by your service and highly recommend your service to others in need. All are very friendly and ready to serve cheerfully.

May 12, 2023

Sujatha Sankar

Thank you so much for everything you do. I appreciate each and every one of you. January 22, 2024 Wig-O-Mania is the perfect place for fixing all kinds of hair issues. They are luxuriously expensive, but completely and thoroughly worth to pay whole heartedly and use their products proudly. I am thoroughly happy and proud with Ms. Aysha and her team who works so hard to make sure the clients are fully satisfied before finalizing to purchase the product.

Feb 09, 2024

Kasata Kst

Amazing experience — just one sitting and AYSHA was able to figure out the best product for me - and also get the new product prepped right away. Crown Thinning is a big problem for me which makes me camera shy anywhere and everywhere . Now , using the everyday lightweight product , I am a more happy - less camera shy person :) she have complete prep and care instructions with the assurance that if I have any questions, I can reach out anytime . This , to me , is simply EXCELLENT SERVICE for an EXCELLENT PRODUCT!! Thank you !! I would recommend this to everyone that’s self conscious due to Thinning Hair

Feb 29, 2024